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Contactless Corporate Card

Changes in Global Economy have forced corporate leaders to seek a complete and detailed view of travel and other ancillary spends, making adherence to compliance and cost saving techniques a primary objective.

The IndusInd Bank Contactless Corporate Card provides you the efficacy to monitor & control employee expenses along with making re-conciliation hassle-free.

Commercial Cards products are part of a Corporate Liability program. The Bank shall issue the Corporate, a Credit Limit which in turn the Corporate can bifurcate to individual cards in accordance to their policies & requirement. The Corporate limits will be assigned on the basis of complete credit assessment.

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What is IndusInd Bank Contactless Corporate Card?

It is the new generation Corporate Card from IndusInd Bank which allows the users to make faster payments at merchant locations with just a tap where contactless payment is accepted. It can also be used for standard shopping and online transactions.

What is Contactless Payment?

The contactless payment feature lets consumers make safe and secure payments with a simple tap of the card on the POS machines at the Merchant outlets. These Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled terminals transmit payment details and authenticate transactions without swiping the card.

Where can the IndusInd Bank Contactless Corporate Card be used?

Anywhere that the Contactless payment POS Machine is available, the card can be used to tap and pay. If a contactless POS machine is not available, the Contactless card can still be used for swipe or dip transactions. If the PoS machine has a contactless symbol displayed on it, then it is enabled for contactless payments.

How do I use my IndusInd Bank Contactless Corporate Card?

Look out for a retailer displaying the contactless symbol and Visa logo at the point of sale (POS). Hold your card within 4 cm of the secure contactless reader. Four green lights will appear. This takes no more than half a second. You can then remove your card and the transaction will be complete.

How close to the reader does the card need to be?

You should hold your Contactless card within 4 cm of the card reader.

Is there a limit on the value of goods you can purchase with Contactless Corporate Card?

You can use your Contactless card for any amount within the overall daily Point of Sales/Online Transaction Limit. For purchases done at the Contactless payment POS Machine the transaction amount will be limited to the per transaction limit set by the Bank in line with the regulatory guideline. Please visit for further details. For transactions above the limit, the card holder will need to swipe the card and authenticate using the PIN.

Will I receive a charge slip for transactions I make?

A contactless payment is designed to let you make transactions easily and conveniently. The retailer will ask if you require a charge slip. If you do not require a charge slip, please advise the retailer and a charge slip will not be given.

How do I know when a payment has been made?

Your transaction is confirmed by illumination of four green indicator lights and a display message confirming that your transaction has been successful.

Could I unknowingly have made a purchase if I walk past the reader?

Your card has to be tapped within 4 cm of the card reader for more than half a second and the retailer must have first entered the amount for you to approve. Terminals can only process one payment transaction at a time, therefore reducing transaction errors.

What are the features of the IndusInd Bank Corporate Card?

Corporate Card is a multi-purpose International Card which can be used for the following purposes: a) Faster day-to-day payments at merchant locations accepting Contactless Payments b) POS shopping at 10 lakh merchant outlets in India and over 30 million worldwide accepting Card Payments cc) Safe online shopping and e-commerce transactions e) Utility and other Bill Payments

Will I receive a notification each time a transaction is done on my IndusInd Bank Corporate Card?

Yes, like a Standard Credit Card the customer will receive an SMS and an e-mail notification each time a transaction takes place.

Is this a Chip Card?

Yes. This Corporate Card is secured with a Contact and Contactless Chip along with Magstripe and NFC antenna. The NFC antenna is for enabling Contactless Payments at Merchant locations accepting contactless Payments. The Chip and the magstripe portion is used for transactions - such as usage purchases at POS/online where Contactless payments are not accepted.

What happens when the contactless transaction is declined?

In the rare event when the Contactless transaction on your Corporate Card is declined due to any reason, the Cardholder can request the merchant to make the payment by swiping or dipping the Card in the traditional manner.

What happens when the transaction slip is not generated and customer's account is debited?

Generally, such situation does not arise. However, in any such stray cases, one may contact IndusInd Bank customer care center to enquire about the status of the transaction.


Benefits to Corporate

We have set up a world of conveniences and we are thrilled to welcome you to this world. Enjoy the simplicity that comes with the IndusInd Bank Contactless Corporate Card. Access an exquisite bouquet of services, embellished with the right touches of additional security. It's all part of the IndusInd experience and we welcome you to experience the difference.

Designated Relationship Manager

In case of day-to-day service related queries or clarifications on the product, your IndusInd Commercial Cards designated relationship manager is equipped to handle it all.


Individual as well as Consolidated e-statements will be available for easy download for all card holders.

Consolidated Payment

At IndusInd we understand the pain and costs involved with individual reimbursement payments, so we suggest a One Account, One Payment solution. We provide the corporates with the ability to make one consolidated payment and take on the responsibility of allocating it to all your employees' individual cards. The total amount due for the company will be mentioned on the Corporate consolidated statement and the company will be liable to make one payment to the bank for the same.

4th Line Embossing

An employees' corporate identity is established on the card by embossing the name of the company on the face of the card. The company name can be embossed onto to the card as per your requirement. A total number of 19 characters (inclusive of spaces and department name as well) are available for the customization. Corporate name as entered on the individual application form shall be embossed on your IndusInd Bank Corporate Card.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our 24*7 Customer Service officials are pleased to help you in case of an emergency. Please feel free to get in touch with us on our Toll Free Number 1860 267 7777 or write to us at


Benefits to Employee

Priority Pass Program

The company can opt to provide their employees with a membership to the Priority Pass Program that offers the Card Holder access to over 700 Airport Lounges worldwide. You are a corporate globetrotter and we wish to make your travel as comfortable and relaxing as possible. To opt in to the Priority Pass Program, please contact your Corporate Card Relationship Manager.

Click here for terms & conditions.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Get freedom from surcharge at fuel stations across India. A surcharge of 1% is waived off at all fuel stations on transactions between Rs. 400 to Rs. 4000.

Click here for terms & conditions.

Insurance Coverage

We provide your Corporate Card as a safe and secure means of expense management. The cards issued to you have an additional level of security in the form of an EMV Chip, making your transactions much more secure in comparison to a magnetic striped corporate card.

In addition to the card security features, we also provide comprehensive insurance, protecting you from unforeseen circumstances.

Counterfeit Fraud: In the unlikely scenario that your card or card details are stolen and used duplicitously by producing counterfeit plastic, IndusInd Bank offers you a comprehensive insurance coverage.

Lost Card Liability: In case of theft or loss of card, IndusInd Bank covers unauthorized transactions on the card, post reporting the loss to the bank.
With IndusInd Bank here to protect, there is very little you need to worry about.

VISA Offers

Visa Airport Lounge Access Program

Upgrade your travel experience with complimentary access to Airport Lounges in India with your Visa Contactless Corporate Card. Take a moment to relax in luxury and enjoy the gourmet meal, comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, widescreen TVs and bar services. With your IndusInd Bank Corporate Card enjoy exclusive access to select premium Visa airport lounges within India and get complimentary lounge visits per quarter on your Card.

Enjoy up to 2 complimentary lounge visits per quarter on your Card.

The current offer is valid till 31st March 2020

Click here for further details.

Visa Commercial Offers

Your cards are issued on the VISA platform bringing a host of benefits. These offers are spread across Business Travel, Business Services, Food and Beverages and many others, intended to help the IndusInd Bank Corporate Card holder combine business with comfort. For an exhaustive list of offers please visit:


How to Apply

For any further queries or clarifications or to apply for an IndusInd Bank Commercial Card, please reach us via the appended options.

E-Mail: Please write to us at
Phone Banking: Please call our 24*7 Customer Service officials on our toll free number 1860 267 7777

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  • Indus Tax Saver Scheme - 5 years (upto Rs 1.5 lacs) 6.75 %
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