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A unique account specially designed for international business needs

  • 5 Payable At Par Cheque Book Free per month
  • Free RTGS/NEFT

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At IndusInd, we believe in simplifying processes to give you an easy and convenient banking experience wherever you are. Combining the spirit of innovation with sound trade practices, we provide universal banking solution for our esteemed customers with expanding business interest.

Keeping in mind the ever-evolving global business scenario, IndusInd Bank brings you the  'Indus Dollar One - Trade Account', specially designed for international business. With nominal balance requirements, this special trade account is a complete value-for-money proposition, offering an array of customised products with value added features.

Whether you need to issue letters of credit, provide gurantees, facilitate trade document, collection or seek transaction advisory, our local expertise and correspondent bank network can help convert dat-to-day trade transaction management into your competitive edge.

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Features & Benefits

Indus Dollar one Trade Current Account features & benefits

  • Average Monthly Balance of Rs. 1 lakhs
  • 5 Payable At Par Cheque Book Free per month
  • Cash deposit up to Rs. 12 lakhs in home location and Rs. 3 lakhs at non-home location
  • Free Outstation cheque collection
  • Free RTGS/NEFT
  • Free Online banking
  • Lowest Trade charges
  • Flexibility to open EEFC Accounts in leading Currencies USD, GBP, EURO, AUD, CAD & SGD Dollars giving the customer the flexibility to maintain the balance in the FCY and hedge against Currency fluctuations.

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SoC (Current Account)

Schedule of Charges: Dollar One w.e.f 1st July 2019

Average Monthly Balance Requirement Rs 100,000
Important Information (Please Note) AMB requirement for accounts opened till 31st March 2015 will continue to be 50% for category B, C, IMFS and Rural Branches.
For Accounts opened after 1st April 2015 50% waiver of AMB will cease for category B, C, IMFS and Rural Branches.
Charges for Non-Maintainance(NMC) of AMB Rs. 1250 per month if AMB is >= 50% but < 100% & Rs. 1600 per month if AMB is < 50%
Cheque Book Issuances (PAP: 50 leaves Book) 5 cheque books Free per month
Charges of Cheque Book on additional usage1 Rs. 2 per leaf
Local Cheque Deposit Free
Cheques deposited at any location of Indusind Bank for clearing in the same location Free
Outstation Cheque Deposit on IndusInd Location Free
Outstation Cheque Deposit on Non IndusInd Location
Instrument Value Charges
Up to and including 5,000 Rs. 25/-
Above 5,000 and up to and including 10,000 - Rs. 50/-
Above 10,000 and up to and including 1,00,000 - Rs. 100/-
Above Rs 1,00,000 - Rs. 200/- per instrument
Funds Transfer (Between any Indusind Bank Branches) (Online/through Branch)2 Free
Funds Transfer (Between any Indusind Bank Branches) (Online/through Branch)2 Free
Payments at Any Location of IndusInd Bank for clearing in same location through PAP cheque Free
DD/ PO (At Branch Locations)
Free Limit Rs. 150 lacs per month
Charges on Additional usage Rs. 1/1000 Min Rs. 25 Max Rs. 10,000
DD/ PO (Correspondent Bank Location)
Free Limit Rs. 20 lacs per month
Charges on Additional usage Rs. 2/1000 Min Rs. 100 Max Rs. 15000
DD/ PO (Non-Correspondent Bank) Rs. 3/1000, Min Rs. 100 Max Rs. 15000
Cash Deposit
Free Cash Deposit at Home Location permonth3 Rs. 12,00,000
Additional Charges on incremental deposits Rs. 3/1000 minimum Rs. 50/- per transaction
Free Cash Deposit at Non-Home Location permonth3 Rs. 300000
Additional Charges on incremental deposits Rs. 4/1000 minimum Rs. 50/- per transaction
Cash Withdrawal
Cash Withdrawal (Home Location) Free
Cash Withdrawal (Non-Home Location)4 Free
Cash Withdrawal (ATM's) IndusInd Network Free
Cash Withdrawal Other ATMs Free unlimited for balance above Rs. 10,000 in previous month. If balance in previous month is less than Rs. 10,000/- then 5 transactions Free. Beyond 5 Transactions, Charge of Rs. 20 per Transaction
Cash Withdrawal Outside India Rs. 125/- Per Transaction
Cash Withdrawal Limit by Debit Card Refer Standard Schedule of Charges for Debit Card
Stop Payment (Single Cheque) Rs. 100, Nil Charges if requested through Net banking/Mobile banking/IVR
Stop Payment (Series Cheque) Rs. 150, Nil Charges if requested through Net banking/Mobile banking/IVR
Cheque Return (Inward) For Financial Reasons Upto 2 instruments per month- Rs.350 per instrument. On 3rd & 4th instrument - Rs.500 per instrument 5th Instrument onwards- Rs.750 per instrument
Cheque Return (Outward) IndusInd Location Rs. 50 per cheque
Cheque Return (Outward) Other Locations Rs 100 per cheque + Out of pocket Expenses
Internal Transfer Return Charges NIL
NACH / ECS Return Rs. 200
Debit Card
Gold Business CHIP / Titanium Debit Card Rs. 249/- (Issuance, Replacement, Supplementary Card & Annual Charge)
Platinum Business CHIP Debit Card Rs 699/- (Issuance, Supplementary Card & Annual charges) Rs 249/- for Replacement
Balance Inquiry at Other ATMs within India Free
Balance Inquiry Outside India Rs. 20/- per transaction
POS Limit on Debit Card Limit as per Debit Card Taken, Refer Standard schedule of charges for Debit Card
Email Statement (Daily) Free
Adhoc Statement printed Rs. 10 per page
Cash Delivery / Pickup (Per call)
Till 2 lacs Free once a day
2 - 5 lacs Rs. 250
5 - 10 lacs Rs. 400
10 - 20 lacs Rs. 800
> 20 lacs Contact Branch
Cash Delivery / Pickup (Beat delivery) per month
Till 1 lacs Rs. 2,000
1 - 2 lacs Rs. 3,000
2 - 5 lacs Rs. 5,500
5 - 10 lacs Rs. 9,000
10 - 20 lacs Rs. 16,000
> 20 lacs Contact Branch
Cheque Pickup (On call)+ Free once a day
Cheque Pickup (Beat) per month+ Rs. 500
Schedule of Standard Charges
IMPORTANT: If Average Monthly Balance is maintained less than 60% of the product selected, free limits will not be applicable and below mentioned Standard charges will apply.
1 Standard Charges per cheque leaf is Rs. 2/-
2 Standard Charges for funds transfer trasaction is Rs. 15/- per cheque
3 Standard Charges for Cash deposit at Home location: Rs. 3/1000 minimum Rs. 50/-, Non-Home Location:Rs. 4/1000 minimum Rs. 50/-.
4 Standard Charges for cash withdrawal at Non-Home Location is Rs. 2.5/1000 minimum Rs. 50
5 Bussiness Gold Chip Debit card has been discontinued effective November 01, 2017
+Available in Select Locations only
PAP- Payable At Par
GST as applicable on charges

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Indus Dollar one Trade Current Account Charges

Trade Charges

Trade Services Indus Dollar One
Inward Remittances* Free
Non Trade Outward Remittances* Rs. 60
FIRC Issuances Free
Export Bills for Collection & under LC* Rs. 60
Advance Export Bills* Rs. 60/bill
Export LC Advising Rs. 60
BRC Issuances for all Export transactions Free
Advance Payments for Imports* Rs. 60 Flat
Direct Import Bills* Rs. 60 Flat
Import Bills for Collection* Rs. 60 Flat
Miscllaneous Charges
Swift Charges Rs. 60
Courier Charges Rs. 60
Registered Post Charges Rs. 60
Penalty Charges for Non maintenance of QTP No Penal charges
Commission in lieu of exchange 0.125%

Note: 1). There is minimum Average Monthly Balance requirement. Non-maintenance of AMB will attract penal charges. 2). Only transactions which are mentioned above would be considered for Dollar One account pricing. 3).Dollar One is an account variant of IndusInd bank and does not represent currency of any country.
4) Service tax and Fx conversion tax* would be applicable as per current regulations

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