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The group mainly focuses on:

Agri Project Finance: Agriculture Projects Financing is an Asset Lending scheme for catering to the Term and Working Capital finance requirements of farmers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, institutions engaged in agricultural and allied activities. Farmers need Term and Working Capital finance towards land development, fencing, approach road, bore-well/tube-well, cost of implements, cost of raw materials, cultivation and harvesting of crops, labour, post-harvest activities, storage and preserving the crop produced etc. This need of funding is not limited to land based activities alone; it is equally needed in Agri-allied activities for investment and Working Capital purposes.

Agri Infrastructure Finance: Agriculture Infrastructure Finance comprises of Term Loans and Working Capital Loans for infrastructure creation and maintenance. The facilities are for construction (warehouses, market yards, go-downs and silos) and running of storage facilities, which includes cold storage units designed to store Agriculture produce or products. The loans for refinance/ refurbishment of the said storage facilities, and cold storage units designed to store agriculture produce or products, are also extended under this product.

Warehouse Finance: The Bank has catered to and continues to cater to the entire value chain from Farmers, Traders, Processors and Importers/Exporters. Geographically the product is offered in 14 States and in more than 40 locations. The funding covers 36 commodities across seven broad categories. The emphasis is on providing the Best-in-Class services to clients and product innovation.

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