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The group leverages internal Commercial and Credit policies, mitigates risks and finds new ways to have access to sufficient and steady finance on competitive terms for the Supply Chain partners. The group caters to this need by having a financing structure that ensures continuous Working Capital support to the Supply Chain partners. Supply Chain Finance contains offerings for the corporate Sales side i.e. Channel finance/Dealer finance, and for the Purchase side i.e. Supplier finance/Vendor finance.

Channel / Dealer Finance: The Sell side Supply Chain of the 'Top Indian Companies' comprises of the corporate supplying to channel partners for further sale to customers. The group provides Working Capital finance to the channel partners of the top corporates through its Channel Finance product. Under this solution, the group structures 'tailor-made solutions' and offers financing options to channel partners based on a 'Partnership Approach'.

Vendor / Supplier Finance: With the growing exports off-take from India, small and medium scale exporters in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Auto ancillaries, Chemicals, Home furnishings, etc. are receiving orders, and need finance to service their increased Working Capital needs. To support the needs of this segment, the group offers Vendor Financing program, that includes Pre-shipment and Post-shipment finance, and improved cash flow geared to support increased orders from specific buyers.

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