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Considered most secure, reliable and globally accepted remittance mechanism.


Telegraphic Transfer & Wire Transfer are considered most secure, reliable and globally accepted remittance mechanism in the world today. IndusInd Bank is a member of a SWIFT Organization (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). Our wide network of correspondent banking relationship numbering more than 250 with the world’s top bank’s covering virtually every part of the world ensuring transfer of funds of any amount covering all major currencies.

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Features & Benefits

  • Highly attractive ‘Foreign Exchange’ rate while converting the funds through Telegraphic Transfer & Wire Transfer mode
  • There is no limit on the maximum amount that can be sent through this mode
  • Foreign Currency Conversion Charge of INR 50 (inclusive of service tax), which is deducted from the amount to be paid to the beneficiary

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You can approach your local bank branch abroad and instruct them to credit our relevant account with the correspondent bank in the currency you want to send funds in. Please ask your bank to mention 'OUR' in their charges column while sending the wire transfer.

It takes 24-48 banking hours for the funds to reach our account from the time request is placed with sender’s bank.

Payment is processed in 24 banking hours after we receive the funds into our account

Sender’s local bank may charge for the wire transfer

Important Instructions
Reserve Bank of India vide their circular (DBOB.AML.BC No 77/14.01.001./2006-07) dated April 13, 2007 has made it mandatory for all incoming and outgoing Remittances (Domestic and Foreign) to contain the account number, name and address of the remitter of the said funds in the payment message, in order to prevent and detect wire transfers used for funding terrorist activities.

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