Fixed Deposits can be opened by Individuals, HUFs, Sole Proprietorships, Partnership Firms, Ltd. Companies, Guardians on behalf of Minors, Societies, Clubs, Trusts and Associations

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Features & Benefits

  • Higher Return – Potential of enjoying higher returns through investment in market linked instruments
  • Protection of Capital – The principal amount is invested into a fixed deposit and the interest earned from it is invested in a Mutual Fund through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), thereby ensuring capital protection
  • Ease and Convenience of Operation – Monthly interest earned from Deposit is credited into CASA is invested in SIP through an auto-debit instruction
  • Tax Advantage – Return earned from equity linked SIP is tax free if redeemed after 1 year. This gives you an extra savings opportunity
  • Benefit from “Rupee Cost Averaging” as regular investment counters the volatility of the equity market
  • Other Features:
    • Nomination Facility available
    • Multiple SIP schemes to choose from
    • Overdraft facility against Fixed Deposit
    • Pre-mature encashment of Term Deposit is permitted

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  • IndusInd Bank Deposit Plus can be opened by Resident Savings Account and Current Account holders and Non- Residents having NRE and NRO Accounts*(Not available for minors)
  • The Deposit Plus FD is a monthly interest payout plan and it will have a discounted rate over the standard FD Rate.
  • Minimum monthly interest payout from the FD should not be less than Rs. 1000 to start the Deposit Plus. Click Here to calculate to minimum FD value required for Deposit Plus

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How it Works

How it works

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