Fixed Deposits can be opened by Individuals, HUFs, Sole Proprietorships, Partnership Firms, Ltd. Companies, Guardians on behalf of Minors, Societies, Clubs, Trusts and Associations

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Features & Benefits

Fixed deposit features & benefits

You have worked hard to earn your money. Now, let your money work hard to earn for you, with IndusInd Bank Fixed Deposits.

The benefits of fixing your deposits with IndusInd Bank

  • Flexible range of tenures to suit your investment plans
  • Choice of various Fixed Deposit schemes
  • Interest payable monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually or at maturity as per your convenience
  • Interest is payable by credit to your Savings / Current account
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Nomination facility available
  • Partial withdrawals permitted
  • Auto Renewal facility
  • Special rates for Senior Citizens
  • Tax Saver Deposits (upo Rs 1,50,000)
  • Convenience of booking deposit through Indusnet / Phone Banking

In addition to the above, we understand that the reasons for applying for a Fixed Deposit can be many. IndusInd Bank offers information on interest rate, eligibility and the process of applying for Fixed Deposits for better understanding.:

Fixed Deposit Eligibility Criteria

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

How to Apply for Fixed Deposit

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Fixed deposit eligibility

  • IndusInd Bank Fixed Deposits can be opened by Individuals, HUFs, Sole Proprietorships, Partnership Firms, Ltd. Companies, Guardians on behalf of Minors, Societies, Clubs, Trusts and Associations.
  • The FD rate applicable for a monthly interest option will be a discounted rate over the standard FD Rate. Please contact the nearest Branch/Phone Bankng for further information.


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Dream vacation made possible with IndusInd Bank

I opted for Fixed deposit online and chose the plan that suited my needs from the comfort of my home. With a high rate of interest, I managed to get good returns on my savings. Thanks to IndusInd Bank, I was able to gift my parents a world tour on their 35th wedding anniversary.

Reviewer: Sucheta Balakrishnan, Chennai, June 28, 2018


IndusInd Bank does help your money grow

I am a retired government employee and had saved a significant amount of my savings in IndusInd Bank’s Fixed Deposit scheme. They even offer special interest rates for senior citizens. Now I can definitely take my husband on our dream vacation.

Reviewer: Anjali Sharma, Mumbai, June 28, 2018


Absolutely hassle free

Recently I opted for IndusInd Bank's Fixed Deposit scheme, and I must say I am fully satisfied with their services. I opened my Fixed Deposit online in a few extremely simple steps without even needing to go to the bank.

Reviewer: Arvind Meena, Jaipur, June 26, 2018


Helped in securing a good future for my daughters

I was doubtful about how to invest my savings to ensure a good future for my daughters. A friend suggested IndusInd Bank’s Fixed Deposit scheme and I was really impressed by their interest rates and semless online process.

Reviewer: Mayank Sharma, New Delhi, June 24, 2018


Competitive Rate of Interest

I needed to start saving for my future, so I decided to open a fixed deposit account. After researching, I decided to open a fixed deposit account with IndusInd Bank because their interest rates, service is best in the class. I also got great tax rebates. I am going to recommend this wonderful investment opportunity to everybody. 


Best for easy fixed deposits

I think the executives at the IndusInd Bank are one of the best in the industry as they tend to ease us from the recurring worries of how to go about fixed deposits. Thanks to their professionalism as they clear the air around the apparently Herculean-sounding fixed deposits.


A life saver

My wife needed an operation immediately. We didn't have enough cash for the fees required by the hospital. So, I was able to a partial withdrawal from my fixed deposit account. Thanks to IndusInd Bank, my wife's operation was done on time and it was a success.


Range of choices for Fixed Deposits!

IndusInd Bank offers a range of choices of various fixed deposit schemes. It helps me in saving a large chunk of my salary in an effortless manner and it doesn’t weigh too heavy on my household expenditures either. Thanks to IndusInd.


Easy IndusInd Fixed Deposit for Senior Citizens

As a senior citizen, I’ve been learning to stay up-to-date with technology. Which is why I applaud IndusInd for making the entire process easier for me to understand and follow. It is amazing to me that IndusInd Bank allows booking of fixed deposit account online from their website. I didn’t even have to visit the bank as their executive did doorstep document collection. I also got an additional interest rate on term deposits for senior citizens.

Reviewer: RaviKant Saini, New Delhi, 20th November 2017


I am Saving for My Future with a Fixed Deposit

After 3 years of working, I finally decided to save for my future and opened a fixed deposit account with a bank. After much research, I decided to open an FD account with IndusInd Bank. The best thing about their FD is that I was given the option of availing the interest quarterly. This option made it easier for me to manage my expenses accordingly.

Reviewer: Manas Rana, Bangalore, 1st November 2017


Exceptional Fixed Deposit Option for My Daughter’s Education

I have always believed in investing in a child’s future. For this reason, I wanted my daughter to have the opportunity of getting the best education possible. Because of this, I had to plan early in order to save money. IndusInd Bank’s fixed deposit allowed me to open an account on her behalf as she is a minor. One of the best things about this bank and their FD service is that they give a flexible period of investment which is great as my daughter can use the money when she is ready.

Reviewer: Gargi Garg, Indore, 25th October 2017


Convenient Premature Withdrawal of Funds from FD

Everyone can face unforeseen events which can put them in a deep distress. My father recently required an emergency knee-replacement surgery and I did not have enough money on me. Luckily, I had some money in my IndusInd Bank fixed deposit account. IndusInd allowed me to make a partial withdrawal from my FD, which tided things over nicely.

Reviewer: Mahima Paswan, Mumbai, 23th October 2017


Family Holiday on an FD

I remember seeing my father save up for years to take us on a memorable vacation. While I appreciate his efforts, I did not want to do the same for my family and hence decided to start saving up early into my professional life – to not let insufficient funds get in the way of fulfilling my family’s dreams. I selected a 1 year fixed deposit account with IndusInd Bank. Their interest on the fixed deposit was great! I’m sure my family and I will have an excellent vacation next year. Thanks IndusInd!

Reviewer: Sukhmani Bagrodiya, Jaipur, 20th September 2017


Great Way to Save Tax

Fixed Deposits are a great way to save tax and earn money in the form of interest. IndusInd Bank's fixed deposits are convenient and the bank presents a variety of schemes. Had a wonderful experience with IndusInd Bank's fixed deposits and I will continue to save money in this form!

Reviewer: Priyanka Kumar, New Delhi


Saving Has Become Easier

Saving was difficult in the initial working years. But with IndusInd Bank's fixed deposit schemes, I can now deposit a lumpsum and earn great interest on the amount. The partial withdrawal facility keeps me at peace. And the convenience of phone and internet banking makes the process hassle free. Wonderful!

Reviewer: Gitika Sharma, Navi Mumbai


Better Interest Rates than Most

I was confused about where to invest my money owing to the variety of options and institutions available. But when reading IndusInd Bank's policies and comparing the interest rates, I found that they offer the best in the market. The experience has been fulfilling, and not to forget their customer service is awesome!

Reviewer: Govind Mathur, Lucknow


Best Saving Experience

I was a little skeptical about investing money in a fixed deposit account due to the rigidity of most institutions that offer FDs. When I came across IndusInd Bank's fixed deposit schemes, it gave me the confidence to go ahead with it. Their policies are flexible with the interest payable to savings or current account and the partial withdrawal facility.

Reviewer: Payal Patel, Gandhinagar


Very Helpful in Saving

I have had a long relationship with IndusInd Bank and it has been a wonderful experience, especially after my retirement. I was worried about my savings but IndusInd Bank's fixed deposit schemes offer special interest rates for senior citizens and doorstep services which has made saving for my future much easier.

Reviewer: T. Chopra, Chandigarh



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The Benefits of Having a Fixed Deposit

Saving for the future is a great, and indeed a mandatory, habit in a world that is filled with high levels of uncertainty. While investment options are plenty in number, a fixed deposit from IndusInd Bank is easily the best choice when it comes to safe and stress-free saving.

Read on to find out the top four reasons that strongly suggest you open a fixed deposit account with IndusInd Bank today.

No Limits on the Fixed Deposit Account

There are no limits on the amount deposited or the tenure of the fixed deposit. Consumers can invest an amount that they consider surplus and which they believe would not be required for any purpose in the near future. The tenure of the investment can start from as low as 7 days and go up to 5 years or more. For instance, if you think you have a surplus of 1 Lakh INR and consider using it for your child’s higher education, it is best to deposit it in a fixed account than risking it with other options.

Book Fixed Deposit Online

Contrary to the popular belief, it is easy to open a fixed deposit account online. You just need to follow simple, 3 steps. You can compare FD interest rates offered by the bank as compared to others using online calculator. Moving on, you can generate FD application form, and then complete it and then submit along with supporting KYC documents. Some of the benefits of opening FD online is that there is a lot of convenience as you can open your account within minutes; you can pull funds from other bank account and choose an amount, tenure and investment purpose.

Fixed Deposit is Simple, Easy and Quick

It is very easy to open a fixed deposit account with IndusInd Bank as it does not involve any lenghty procedures. As an IndusInd Bank Savings Account holder, the consumer can book an FD online, be it via web or mobile. They can used Net Banking, login with their ID and choose the deposit option. If there is no availability of funds for the FD within the particular IndusInd account, the consumer can procure them from a non-IndusInd Bank account too. At the end of the tenure, the consumer can withdraw the amount along with the accumulated interest. However, if there is an emergency situation and the consumer needs to withdraw the amount before the end of the tenure, it can be done with a small penalty.

Fixed Deposit Offers Guaranteed Returns

While investing in shares, commodities or real estate may look more attractive than a fixed deposit, remember the chances of losing money is much higher while dealing with these options. In a fixed deposit, the hard-earned money is well protected and the returns in the form of interests are guaranteed too. It is also important to note that the interest rate from a fixed deposit is more than that from a savings account. IndusInd Bank offers consumers one of the highest interest rates of 7.65% for deposits made for a year.

Fixed Deposit Nurtures the Habit of Saving For the Future

Saving for retirement, marriage, education of kids or buying a home is essential and is no easy task for the spendthrift or the fickle-minded. Fixed deposits pave the way for individuals to build the habit of saving a lump sum for a better future.

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