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What is IndusMobile? Why should I apply for it?

IndusMobile allows you to bank anytime anywhere through your mobile phone. Get access to your banking information and transact on account 24*7 on IMPS/NEFT at absolutely no cost including QuickPay to friends via E-mail, SMS or Social channels. Make Bill Payments, book Fixed or Recurring Deposits, recharges to your mobile or DTH and a lot more features are available on the app.

Who can avail of the IndusMobile Facility?

If you are an IndusInd Bank customer with an Individual or sole Proprietorship relation with the bank with an Individual Savings/Current account or an IndusInd Bank Credit Card, you can avail of this Mobile Banking Facility, by registering with us.

What do I need to register for the Indus Mobile Facility?

As an IndusInd Bank customer, to be able to register for the Mobile Banking service you need to have:

  • You have a Savings or Current Account with the Bank
  • You are an Individual / Sole Proprietorship type of customer
  • You have the app downloaded from App store , Play store or Windows store
    Customers with Single/Singly/Either or Survivor/Anyone or Survivor/Former or Survivor/Severally will be able to view and transact. Customer with jointly MOP will be able to only view transactions.

How can I register for the Indus Mobile Facility?

As an IndusInd Bank customer, you need to register for Mobile Banking service by:

  • Download the Indus Mobile Application and register online using your Net Banking / Debit Card / Credit Card Credentials.
  • Registering through an IndusInd Bank ATM.
  • Calling the IndusInd Bank Contact Center and placing a request.
  • Visiting your nearest IndusInd Bank branch and filling in the application form.

When you do registration via ATM, Contact Center or Branch you will receive the PIN via SMS on your registered mobile number. User Name will be the Customer ID. You can check your Customer ID in the statements or Cheque book or Welcome letter.

I am an Existing IndusMobile user? Why should I upgrade?

The new app, now with a contemporary design, quick balance checks, inclusion of real time fund transfers, Fixed Deposit Booking, QuickPay, Mobile and DTH recharges is loaded with a lot of features. You may need to re-register to upgrade to new IndusInd mobile banking app in case you were using the old app to avail all these features and a lot more.

I have a Tablet. Can I use this app?

Yes, you can use this app on iPads and Android Tablets. On iPads, you can search for the app under Phone apps and use it.

Can I register on more than one phone or tab?

Yes, we allow you to use Indus Mobile on more than one device. If you register yourself on more than 5 devices then the oldest device gets automatically untagged

Can I have more than one User access the app on the same phone or tablet?

You can register up to 5 persons or relationships on the app. Each will have to be registered separately.

What are the benefits of Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking helps you bank while on move directly through your mobile phone. You can access information and conduct transactions on your IndusInd Bank accounts with the help of your mobile phone.

List of transactions that can be carried out with IndusMobile are:

  • Check account balance , statements
  • Check Deposit details and open fixed or recurring deposits
  • Check Credit Card and loan details
  • Free instant payments and transfers (IMPS, QuickPay)
  • Free NEFT
  • Add and Pay 250+ bills
  • View FCNR deposits
  • Get smart notifications
  • Service requests
  • Mobile and DTH recharges and a lot more

You can totally perform more than 75+ Banking/Credit Card services at your convenience

What should I do if I change my mobile phone number?

Indus Mobile requires you to register your mobile number with the Bank for receiving One Time passwords on financial transactions for security reason. In case of a change in your mobile number you would need to get it updated either through an IndusInd Bank Branch or through IndusNet. Else, you can still continue to do non-financial transactions

Are there any charges for this facility?

IndusInd Bank offers Mobile Banking facility free to all its customers, though operator data charges apply.

What is the authorization method/PIN used in Indus Mobile?

To use IndusMobile you will need to set:

  • MPIN: Mobile Banking PIN used to login and authenticate all transactions done through IndusMobile Application.
  • SWYPE: A new feature used for login and to authenticate all transactions done through IndusMobile Application that is similar to pattern used on Android phones.
  • Biometric: If you are using an iOS mobile or Android (above 6.0, specific devices from Samsung, Nexus and Huawei) which has a biometric (Touch ID/Android Fingerprint) feature, the same can be used for logging in and authenticating the same.

What is the value of transactions that I can do using Indus Mobile?

The limits of Rs. 200,000 per day using Indus Mobile apply. Mobile and DTH recharges have Rs.10, 000 per day per customer as limits and Cash on Mobile is allowed up to Rs.5000 per day per customer.

I am transferring funds via IMPS but the transaction is getting reversed all the time. Why?

Either the beneficiary account details like Account Number or IFSC code is incorrect or that bank is not live on IMPS. To know which banks are live on IMPS (using Account number and IFSC code)visit http://www.npci.org.in/bankmember.aspx We also suggest you to change preferred mode to NEFT to try transferring funds to that beneficiary by visiting if bank is not supported More Menu > Settings Option > Preferred transfer type

I do not know the IFSC code of the beneficiary. Can I transfer funds?

You can do QuickPay transactions with just the E-mail ID or Mobile Number. For banks that do not require IFSC code, you can do a One Time Payment

I do not want to see balance outside login, what should I do?

Visit the More tab by clicking on the brand icon and select Settings. Switch off the Balance toggle and then you will not see the balance outside Login

If I want to change the preferred mode of Payment, how to do it?

Visit More Menu > Settings Option > Preferred transfer type

How do I change the MPIN or Swipe Pattern?

Visit More Menu > Settings Option > Change MPIN/

I forgot my User name/ID – What should you do?

Just call us at 18605005004 and give your details and we will share your Username/ID after verification.

Recharge got failed but my account is debited? What should we inform the customer?

Sorry! This happens when there is a failure at operator's end. The amount will be reversed back into the account within 2-3 working days if you did not get the recharge

My Phone is not supported by the app while other apps are supported? What should we inform customers?

Our endeavor is that the app works on as many devices but however due to some technical constraints. Please share your device model number with us by calling 18605005004 and we will confirm on the compatibility.

I am not able to book RD

Visit the Open a Deposit section under the Banking tab. You can select the tenor and the amount and book an RD instantly.

What is the minimum RD amount?

You can book for Rs.1000 and thereon multiples of Rs.100.

I am not able to add beneficiary from the Mobile

You will be able to add only up to 2 beneficiaries per day on IndusNet or IndusMobile put together.

My mobile number is not registered with the bank? Can I use the app?

No. You need to register your mobile number with your account with the bank.

I cannot see my Credit Card on the app?

Please check if the you have linked the card or not on Net Banking. You can link it on Net Banking and it will start appearing on the app from the next day. Else, you can call us at 18605005004 and place a request for linking your Credit Card

How can I log out of the app?

You can press on brand icon (Zebu bull icon) and on top right will see a "power" button. Tap it to Logout. Alternatively on Accounts Overview screen, tap on the 3 dots and you will see an option to logout.

I did a quickpay, the beneficiary has not received the funds

  • Check if your account is debited
  • The QuickPay link is only valid for 48 hrs. If the beneficiary has not redeemed the funds then reinitiate the transaction
  • Also, beneficiary bank should support IMPS.

I am not able to see IndusMobile for download on Playstore. Why?

Google Playstore avoids showing non supported apps in search results. It could be the case that your phone is not supported.

I applied for an upgrade of card. When will it get delivered?

The application will be processed in 2 working days. If successful, you will get it delivered within 15 days of the request. The charges for Debit card upgrade depending on the card variant applied for.

What is Cash on Mobile service? How can I use it?

Cash on Mobile is an innovative service that lets you withdraw cash yourself from an IndusInd Bank ATM without any card or send money to your dear ones who can withdraw cash from an IndusInd Bank ATM without any card.

Can I make other bank Credit Card Payment?

If your Credit card supports NEFT based collection for paying it then, you can use the Beneficiary transfer (if added already on Net banking) or use the One-time payment option to make the payment. Please use NEFT for such payments as not all banks accept IMPS for Credit card payment. Else, if it is a VISA credit card, you can use the One-Time Payment option and select Other Bank Credit Card as the transfer type.

What is VISA Money transfer and how much time does it take?

VISA money transfer is a mechanism whereby you can pay your VISA credit card or send money to an account linked to a VISA card. It takes 3 working days to get credited from the successful processing date.

What is MMID? Why do I customer require it?

MMID stands for Mobile Money Identifier. This is required in case, a customer wants to send or receive money via IMPS (P2P) with mobile number of the beneficiary for sending money to other banks. Please note this is not the case for IMPS P2A (that uses Account Number and IFSC code) that works just like NEFT for other bank transfers.

I locked my MPIN or forgot it? What should I do?

Use Forgot MPIN option on the login screen and reset the PIN by giving your Net Banking credentials or Debit card or Credit card details. Then you can Login immediately.

How many days can I see a statement for on the app?

Customer can see the statements for the last 90 days. However, you can request for an e-statement or physical statement for up to 2 years. The Physical statement is chargeable as per the Schedule of Charges for the account which is it is applied for

If I re-install the app on a new phone, should I register again?

No, use the Already Registered option and Login with your User ID and MPIN or Pattern or Fingerprint.

Why am I asked to set an MPIN even after setting a Touch ID/Android Fingerprint

We take this additionally just in case you want to use the app on a phone that does not support fingerprint technology, you will be able to login with the MPIN using the Already Registered option.

My Funds transfer is repeatedly failing. Why?

Please check whether the beneficiary’s account number of IFSC code or MMID/Mobile number is correct. Also, some banks and Credit card issuers do not accept IMPS payments and we would request you to use NEFT in case your bank/Credit card issuer does not support IMPS.

Why am I not able to pay certain utility bills anytime/one-time?

These billers are called Presentment and Payment billers and can be paid only if the amount is presented by the Biller. You will see a notification to Pay Now anytime for other billers that supports one-time or any time payment.

How many days will it take for a Bill to be paid?

It takes usually 3 working days for the bill to be updated at the merchant/biller end.

What is an Autopay?

An autopay is set for a biller so that you can forget about paying late fees for billers. It will be automatically executed 3 working days in advance from the due date. You can edit/delete it anytime. Once you add an Autopay it takes at least one cycle before it is activated.

I am not able to see all the billers as that of IndusNet?

We have 250+ billers that are supported on Mobile Banking that are available for payment. However, certain bills like Credit cards and certain utilities are still not available with the partner for payment on mobile app. You can log your query or concern to reachus@indusind.com and we will strive hard to resolve the issue at the earliest.

I am receiving notifications too frequently. Can I turn it off?

Yes, Visit settings of your phone and select the app and turn off notifications.

Can I see my FCNR deposits?

Yes you can view your FCNR deposits and total balances in each currency on IndusMobile

Can I see my add on Credit card transactions?

Yes you can select the add on card and view transactions that are specific to the add on Card under the Credit Card section

What are the limits on Debit card?

The limits on your debit card are basis your Card variant. You can choose to set a lower limit for ATM Withdrawals or Point of Sale transactions basis your needs

What is Debit card PIN reset?

It allows you to reset your Debit Card / ATM PIN instantly. Please note that your cash withdrawal limits are reduced to Rs. 5000 for 48 hours post change.