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We love to stay connected wherever you are!

Onthego banking on Facebook lets you stay connected with your bank anytime anywhere on Facebook. You can check your balance, check mini-statement, check reward points , hotlist your Debit card, find the nearest ATM/branch, perform a mobile/DTH recharge instantly and QuickPay anyone on facebook or even to ones not using Facebook!

We understand while you transfer funds, the beneficiary or receiver may not be on Facebook. Hence, we allow you to send money on E-mail ID or mobile number apart from sending to a Facebook friend. What more! The beneficiary can be from any bank and the money gets sent instantly. Start today! All you need is to have a registered mobile number and an active Debit card with the bank to bank on Facebook.

What more? If you are using Facebook on Desktops you can call our video branch and get all the services of Video branch within Facebook and initiate QuickPay transactions. Try it out by checking the tabs on our Facebook page.

How to Use?

Like IndusInd and then use the keywords as message to our page for availing the following services. Post signup you can use the facebook app or facebook messenger app for all your banking needs



  Registration for Facebook Banking   #regmob <mobile no.> E.g. #regmob 9999999999
  OTP confirmation for registration   #regotp <OTP>     E.g. #regotp 123456
  Balance Inquiry   #bal
  Mini Statement   #mini
  Nearest ATM   #atm <Pincode>
  Nearest Branch   #branch <Pincode>
  Send Money on Facebook (QuickPay)   To send money to another Facebook user
  #quickpay <@facebook profile name> <amount> <last 4 digits of Debit card> e.g. #quickpay @Arun Kumar 5000 1234
  Send money on Facebook to
E-mail ID
  To send money from Facebook to an E-mail ID
  #quickpay <bene E-mail ID> <amount> <last 4 digits of Debit card>
  E.g. #quickpay abc@xyz.com 5000 1234
  Send Money on Facebook to
  Mobile Number
  To send money from Facebook to a mobile number
  #quickpay <bene mobile number> <amount> <last 4 digits of debit card>
  E.g. #quickpay 9999999999 5000 1234
  Change Primary Account   #setprimac <account number>
  Help   #help
  Regenerate OTP   #regenotp
  Deregister from Facebook Banking   #dereg <mobile number>
  Deregistration confirmation   #deregotp <mobile number>

How to get started?

Follow these 3 simple steps to get started

  • Follow the official IndusInd Facebook page
  • Send a Message #regmob <mobile>. The mobile number should be registered with the bank
  • You will receive a onetime password. Send a message #regotp <otp> to us. That’s it you are signed up


What is IndusInd OntheGo on Facebook about?

IndusInd OntheGo Social Banking on Facebook endeavors to serve you on Facebook with your banking needs so that you can stay connected with your bank anytime anywhere on facebook app or messenger when you send keywords and seamlessly integrates Video branch and QuickPay on the desktop version for you to do all banking transactions from facebook. Check our tabs on Facebook page today.

How to Register for Onthego Banking on Facebook?

Like IndusInd Bank official page

Just send a message in the format #regmob

You will receive a One Time Password on SMS

Send a message #regotp

That’s it you are registered. If you are on desktop, you can call our Video Branch or Visit QuickPay section without any registration.

What can I do on OntheGo Banking?

You can check balance, mini statement, locate ATM/ Branch , Send money to anyone via Twitter, E-mail or SMS with simple tags as follows

1   Register   #regmob <10-digit mobile no.>
2   Registration OTP   #regotp <4-digit OTP>
3   De-registration   #dereg
4   De-registration OTP   #deregotp <4-digit OTP>
5   Balance inquiry   #bal
6   Mini statement   #mini
7   ATM location   #atm <pincode>
8   Branch location   #branch <pincode>
9   Change primary account   #setprimac <new a/c no.>
10   QuickPay   #quickpay <@Benefacebook profile name> OR <Bene email ID> OR <Bene mobile no.> <Remitting amt.> <Last 4 digits of debit card no.>


IndusInd onthego banking on Facebook gives you the flexibility to send funds to a recipient who is non on facebook as well via the E-mail or SMS option on QuickPay. However, you can send money as well to a beneficiary’s Facebook account and they will receive it as a private post from you.

What should the beneficiary do to receive funds?

For facebook transfer, you can share the link and instacode on a message or do a private post to them. They can click the link and redeem funds. If the transfer is on E-mail or SMS, then notification will be sent on E-mail or SMS and you will receive the Instacode on SMS.

Who is eligible for Facebook Banking?

Any IndusInd Bank account holder with a registered mobile number with the bank can use Facebook Banking. However, for financial transactions only customers with an Active Debit card will be eligible.

For, Credit Card only customers it is currently unavailable but we will be live soon.

What are the limits for transaction?

The limits are Rs.5000 per day per customer

What is a Instacode?

Instacode is a One Time Password generated by the system and sent to the remitter via SMS. Instacode has to be shared with the recipient for them to receive funds into their account. You can re-generate one before 48 hours from the initial transaction, from transaction history in case you would like to generate a new code and share it with the recipient.

I want to change my account for which I am receiving balance information or for transactions how can I do that?

We have a set an account as primary account for your convenience but you can change it by sending a Direct Message #setprim <acc no.>

When will the funds be debited from my account on QuickPay?

Funds will be debited once the recipient fills in their account details successfully

How long will the QuickPay link be valid?

It is valid for 48 hours

What to do in case I do not remember the keyword and formats?

Send #help and you will receive the link to the kewwords and formats

My beneficiary/recipient has not received funds, what could have been wrong?

Please check if the beneficiary has entered his/her account details and IFSC code within 48 hours from the time they have initiated the transaction. You can remind them about the link by re-sending the link within the transaction history option.

If he/she has entered the correct bank details and your account has been debited, they should receive the funds instantly.

My account got debited but the recipient did not receive the money, what should I do?

If you get an SMS from us that your transaction was timed out, the funds will be credited to the recipient/beneficiary within 3 working days. Please quote the transaction reference number that you received on the SMS to the recipient to check with his/her bank after 2 working days, if still he/she has not received the credit

What happens if my mobile or DTH recharge failed?

Do not worry! Your funds will be reversed to your account within 2 working days if you got your recharge. We regret the inconvenience caused.