• NRIs are permitted to open these accounts through remittance from abroad. /content/smart-phone/nri-banking/products/deposits/nre-fixed-deposits.html
  • A person of Indian origin residing outside India can open an NRO account. /content/smart-phone/nri-banking/products/deposits/nro-fixed-deposits.html
  • Being Indian citizens and also foreign citizens of Indian origin (other than citizens of Bangladesh and Pakistan) can open foreign currency deposit accounts under this scheme. /content/smart-phone/nri-banking/products/deposits/fcnr-deposits.html
  • Maintained in foreign currency and the deposit is protected against any fluctuations in the exchange rates. /content/smart-phone/nri-banking/products/deposits/rfc-deposits.html
  • Enables you to maximum your returns on your FCNR deposits. /content/smart-phone/nri-banking/products/deposits/rupee-multiplier.html

NRE Fixed Deposits

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