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Send money instantly from your savings bank account using your mobile number


With IMPS you can send money instantly from your savings bank account using your mobile number along with a 7 digit MMID* (Mobile Money Identifier) number. To receive funds on your mobile phone you would also need to generate your MMID.

* MMID is a 7 digit random number issued by the bank upon registration. A remitter (customer who wants to send money) and beneficiary (customer who wants to receive money) need to have this MMID for doing an IMPS transfer.

To use IMPS you need to be registered for IndusMobile.
To know the banks to which you can transfer funds through IMPS please click here 

What details do I require to do an IMPS transfer?

  • Beneficiary's Mobile Number: The beneficiary's mobile number should be registered with his bank
  • MMID of the beneficiary customer:

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Indus Mobile Registration: You can follow any of the below mentioned options to register yourself for the IndusMobile service.

  • Use your IndusInd Bank Debit Card: Download the IndusMobile application (from iTunes, Google Play Store, Blackberry World or Indusind bank website) or visit and use your debit card details to register via the Sign Up option
  • Send "IndusMobile" to 5676757: You will be called back by IndusInd Bank to confirm your details and register you for the IndusMobile service
  • 3. Through an IndusInd Bank ATM: Just walk into an IndusInd Bank ATM, choose the IndusMobile Registration option, confirm your mobile number for registration (should be the same as registered with the bank) and confirm your primary account for mobile banking transactions
  • By Calling the IndusInd Contact Center: Call our Contact Center at 1860-500-5004/1800-209-0061 or 022-4406 6666 and let our service executive assist you in registering for IndusMobile
  • Visit your nearest IndusInd Bank Branch: Walk into your nearest IndusInd Bank branch and ask any one of our service representatives to assist you in the IndusMobile Registration
  • Request through IndusNet: Place a request for Mobile Banking registration through your IndusInd Bank NetBanking account on the service request link

After registering you will receive through SMS the web-link to download the IndusMobile Application, Application Password, MPIN and SMS PIN. You will need to modify your MPIN & SMS PIN before using IndusMobile. You can modify your MPIN through the IndusMobile Application. To modify SMS PIN please send the below SMS to +919223173927


Please Remember: To register for IndusMobile please ensure that your mobile number is updated with IndusInd Bank.

To know the banks live on IMPS fund transfer using Account Number & IFSC, click here

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SMS Codes

Indus Mobile SMS Short codes

The SMS keywords available through IndusMobile SMS to be sent to +919223173927 are:

Description  Request Tag
Balance Enquiry – To know the balance information available in the Bank Account BAL SMSPIN
Ex: BAL 5263
Mini Statement - To know the last few transaction information persist with the Bank Account MINI SMSPIN
Ex: MINI 5263
Fund Transfer - Mobile to Mobile (Payment request) FTMM SMSPIN BENEFICIARY MOBILENO AMOUNT
Ex: FTMM 5263 9790954696 100
Fund Transfer - Mobile to Mobile (Payment Confirmation) CONFMM SMSPIN TXNID
Ex: CONFMM 5263 027332
Fund Transfer - Mobile to Account (Payment request) FTMA SMSPIN BENEFICIARY ACCNO AMOUNT
Ex: FTMA 5263 0018Q20944001 300
Fund Transfer - Mobile to Account(Payment Confirmation) CONFMA SMSPIN TXNID
Ex: CONFMA 5263 027348
Ex: NEFTREG 5263 CBIN0280987 378904020075644 TEST
Ex: NEFTPAY 5263 TEST 100
NEFT [Payment confirmation] CONFNEFT SMSPINTXNID
Ex: CONFNEFT 5263 02623
Register for IMPS MMID
Register IMPS Beneficiary ADDIMPS SMSPIN BeneficiaryMMID BeneficiaryMob.No BeneficiaryNick Name
Ex: ADDIMPS 6578 9026123 9941908646 rajes
IMPS Payment RIMPS SMSPIN NickName Amount
Ex: RIMPS 6578 rajes 100
Quick IMPS IMPS SMSPIN BeneficiaryMobileNo BeneficiaryMMID Amount
Ex: IMPS 6578 9941908646 9026123 100
Ex : MOBREC 5263 9894608010 10
Ex: ENQCHQ 5263 898982
Ex: STCHQ 5263 898982
Ex: CHANGESPIN 5263 4321 4321
Ex: BLKCARD 5263 421111898988
Cheque Book Request CHQBK SMSPIN No.Of Cheque Leaves
Ex: CHQBK 7628 25
Demand Draft Request DDREQ SMSPIN AmountDate of Pickup DDMMYYYYPreferred Hour Preferred Minute
Ex: DDREQ 5263 4000 02052011 15 35
Demand Draft Confirmation DDREQCF SMSPIN TXNID<>BenName Payable At
Ex: DDREQCF 5263 028155 Vikram Triplicane
Debit Card Request DBTRQ SMSPIN
Ex: DBTRQ 5263
Ex: STMT 5263 23122010 25022011
Ex: ATM 5263 000003
Bank ATM Locator – Location based ATMLOC SMSPIN CITY AREA
Ex: BRANPIN 5263 000003
Bank Branch Locator – Location based BRANLOC SMSPIN CITY AREA

Download SMS codes as a doc file / pdf file

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What is IMPS?

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) is an instant interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones. IMPS would facilitate IndusInd Bank Customer(s) to send money instantaneously to any other person registered for IMPS service in any of participating banks (including IndusInd Bank), using IndusMobile application, IndusMobile SMS and IndusInd ATM. All IMPS registered customers can also act as beneficiaries to receive money from any participating bank (including IndusInd Bank).

How is this real time?

A common infrastructure has been set-up amongst participant banks, in association with the national payment Corporation of India, to enable real time funds transfers across banks.

What are the types of IMPS transfers currently available?

IndusInd Bank allows you to use IMPS through multiple channels as well as for a variety of payment options. These are:

  • IndusMobile Application: Use this channel to transfer money to
    • Mobile number using MMID
    • Account Number using IFSC
    • Merchants for purchases done (Online or offline)
  • ATM - Transfer money to a mobile number using MMID (Please note you need to be registered for IndusMobile to use this service. This service only available on IndusInd Bank ATMs)
What is MMID?

MMID stands for Mobile Money Identifier. MMID is a 7 digit code issued by a participating bank to their Mobile Banking registered customers for availing IMPS service as a beneficiary. A customer will have different MMID's for different accounts and all these can be linked to a single mobile number.

Do I as sender or receiver need to have a bank account for availing IMPS?

Yes, you need to have a bank account with IndusInd Bank.

Do I need to register to send money through IMPS?

If you are a registered mobile banking customer of IndusInd Bank no more registrations are required.

To send money from IndusMobile application, please do the following:

  • Login to IndusMobile
  • Select Banking Menu
  • Select Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)
  • Select type of IMPS
  • Select Account from which transfer needs to be made
  • Enter relevant details ( Using MMID - beneficiary's 10 Digit Mobile Number, 7 Digit MMID and desired transfer amount , using IFSC – account number, IFSC code and desired transfer amount, to merchant – Merchant mobile number, MMID, Desired Amount and payment reference number)
  • Get confirmation receipt of transaction along with Transaction Reference Number
  • To send money through IndusMobile SMS, please send:

    QIMPSSMSPIN beneficiary Mobile number Beneficiary MMID Amount to +919223173927 as an SMS.

If I have more than one account linked to my mobile number how do I select the account from which I want to send money to a beneficiary?

While doing the IMPS transfer you can choose the account from which the transfer has to be made.

Is the beneficiary also required to register for IMPS?

The beneficiary (IndusInd Bank or other bank customer) should have their mobile number registered with their bank where he intends to receive the money. He should also have a valid 7 digit MMID provided by his bank to receive money using the MMID payment option. For each bank account number the beneficiary would have a different MMID.

What beneficiary details do I need to use to send money?

The beneficiary details required in case of an IMPS transfer to mobile number are:

  • Beneficiary's 10 digit mobile number
  • MMID of the beneficiary customer

For an IMPS transfer using IFSC code details needed are:

  • Beneficiary account number
  • Beneficiary IFSC code

For a IMPS transfer for merchant payment details needed are:

  • Merchant mobile number
  • MMID of merchant
  • Payment Reference number


Is there any limit on the value of transactions when I am sending money using IMPS?

The existing limits of INR 50,000 per day using IndusMobile apply. In addition if IMPS transfer is being done through IndusMobile SMS or IndusMobile USSD, per day limit will be INR 5,000. This is as per RBI guidelines.

Is there any limit on the value of transactions when I am receiving money using IMPS?

You can receive up to INR 50,000 per transaction using IMPS. You can receive multiple such transactions in a day.

What if IMPS registered mobile is lost or misplaced? Will anyone who comes into possession of mobile be able to send money using IMPS in my account?

The security features of IndusMobile will apply in this case as well. For anybody to send money using IMPS, he needs to be registered Mobile Banking customer, have either the MPIN to access the IndusMobile application or the SMSPIN to use the IndusMobile SMS function.

What happens in case I enter a wrong beneficiary mobile number when sending money?

The beneficiary details required to send money are mobile number and MMID. Before funds are credited into an account the corresponding mobile number and MMID are verified and only if both match, will there be a credit into the account.

What are the timings for initiating and receiving IMPS remittances?

IMPS transactions can be sent and received at any time and any day. There are no timing or holiday restrictions on IMPS remittances.

If the transaction is not completed will I get my money back? When?

Yes. In case, IndusInd Bank customer's account is debited and beneficiary account is not credited, then the funds will be re-credited back into the IndusInd Bank customer's account.

How long does it take for the money to get credited into the beneficiary account?

For transactions which are successful, funds gets credited into the beneficiary's account immediately.

Can I send money from an IndusInd Bank Savings account to another account in any other bank?

Yes, you can transfer money from your IndusInd Bank account to a beneficiary who has an account within the IMPS participating banks.

When sending money, how do I come to know that my account is debited and the money has been credited in the beneficiary's account?

You will get a confirmation receipt on successful completion of the transaction.

Can I send and / or receive remittance using the mobile number other than the one registered with the bank?

You can send and / or receive funds using the registered mobile number only.

When can the beneficiary use the funds received through IMPS?

The beneficiary can use the funds immediately on receipt of credit in the account.

Where do I register a complaint with reference to the IMPS transaction?

You can register a complaint by calling our call center.

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