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Earn miles across airlines for flying anywhere in India and abroad with complimentary membership to the WorldMiles Loyalty Program

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WorldMiles Credit Card Features

Please call 1860 267 7777 to apply for your IndusInd Bank WorldMiles Credit Card today!

Welcome abroad a world of exceptional benefits and exclusive privileges. The IndusInd Bank WorldMiles Credit Card has been smartly designed to cater to your iconic lifestyle. Enjoy a unique rewards proposition and witness your rewards double like never before!

With so many customized privileges for golf, travel and life, you’ll find the world’s best features in your WorldMiles card.

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WorldMiles Welcome

Jet Airways

Wanderers, you have one more reason to book your next flight! In association with Jet Airways, IndusInd Bank offers you a one-way journey to your desired destination. Get 100% discount on the base fare and fuel charges. Other taxes and charges must be paid using your WorldMiles Credit Card.

You will receive your promotion code on your registered mobile number and email ID. Please note that the booking date and journey date must fall within the expiry date of your promo code.

Click here for terms and conditions.

WorldMiles Golf

Up your game and tee off with complimentary green fee courtesy your IndusInd Bank WorldMiles Credit Card. Get access to some of the best golf courses in the country and learn from highly qualified golf instructors.

  • Complimentary Green Fees*
  • Complimentary Training with Personal Golf lessons*
  • Complimentary Hole-in-one Insurance worth ₹20,000

For a list of clubs included in the offer, please click here

*Terms and Conditions apply. Please click here for details and terms & conditions

WorldMiles Life 

Entertainment can be double the fun when it’s shared with your loved ones. That’s why we bring you a chance to watch your favourite movies in association with BookMyShow and Sathyam Cinemas.


  • Buy one get one free – on all movie tickets*
  • You can avail of the offer twice a month
  • The offer is valid on all theatres registered with BookMyShow in major cities.
  • Log on to and book your tickets today!

*The price of the free ticket is capped at ₹200. If the ticket costs more, the remaining amount should be paid using your IndusInd Bank Credit Card.

Click here for terms and conditions.

Sathyam Cinemas

  • Buy one ticket and get the other one free!
  • You can avail of up to four  free tickets in a month
  • This offer is valid in Chennai only
  • Log on to to book your tickets today

*Click here for terms and conditions

WorldMiles Travel

Priority Pass Program

Success takes you places. While the journeys and experiences are unbeatable, the travel hassles can be tiring at times. At IndusInd Bank, we want to reward all our hard-working customers with lots of pampering and care, ensuring that travel is a delightful experience for you.

Along with some super saver travel offers, you also get access to 700+ VIP lounges across the globe with our Priority Pass.

Value Offering

Annual Membership Priority Pass Cost Annual Benefit
Priority Pass Membership USD99 x 2 USD 198 (₹9900 per annum approximately)

Travel Plus Program

When travelling across countries, we offer you complete peace of mind and a relaxing environment so that you can focus on the journey while we handle the rest. Our unique travel assist program ‘Travel Plus’ gives you special waivers on lounge usage charges outside India.

Value Offering:

Program Travel Insurance Lounge usage Enrolment fees Annual Saving
Travel Plus Yes Maximum of 8 lounge usage/yr of value $27 ₹5000 per annum ₹12,960 approximately

Travel Insurance Cover Details

As part of our Travel Plus Program, we have tied up with ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited to provide cardholders with the following insurance cover:

Insurance Cover Sum Assured (up to)
Lost baggage ₹100,000
Delayed baggage ₹25,000
Loss of passport ₹50,000
Lost ticket ₹25,000
Missed connection


Click here for terms and conditions.

WorldMiles Concierge

When you’re always on the go, you require assistance that’s as global and as efficient as you are. Keeping this in mind, IndusInd Bank offers its premium customers a 24-hour concierge service. This complimentary feature comes with lots of premium benefits that perfectly complement your lifestyle. Our proactive and efficient team is always by your side, ready to handle any task at any time, from anywhere in the world.

All you need to do is give us a call and share your requirement. We’ll take care of everything else.

WorldMiles Concierge offers you:

Pre-trip Assistance

If you’re travelling to a new destination, there can be many questions in your mind. Our concierge will give you all the required information, right from the weather, modes of transport, famous landmarks, best food joints and more.

Hotel Reservations

Scanning through multiple hotel websites and making your reservations can be a tedious task. Let our concierge handle the reservations for you in the finest hotels of the world so that you can look forward to a pleasurable and comfortable stay.

Flight Bookings

No matter where and when you want to travel, just inform our concierge and all your flight bookings will be taken care of.

Sports and Entertainment Booking

Only true sports lovers will know the magic of watching their favourite games live on the field. That’s why we’ve employed some sports fans to help you get tickets to any event – from football to tennis and cricket, anywhere in the world.

Exclusive Booking

If you’re interested in some special workshops, conferences, talks by eminent personalities, or other world events, our concierge can offer all the information you need and book tickets too on your behalf.

Flowers and Gifts

If you’d like to make someone feel special or send your colleagues or clients a unique gift, our concierge will arrange for everything. Right from picking up your favourite flowers, delivering cakes at midnight, to buying the best French wine or finest dark chocolates; trust our team to deliver your gifts and messages on time!

If you’d like to avail any of these services, we will be delighted to spread the smiles. Please call our Concierge Desk at 1860 267 7777

*Click here for terms and conditions.

WorldMiles Freedom

Enjoy freedom from the surcharge on petrol prices across all Indian pumps. Get a 1% waiver on fuel surcharge rates and save more with IndusInd Bank.

Value Offering:

Petrol Surcharge Waiver Monthly Savings Annual Savings
Monthly fuel usage ₹8000 ₹80 ₹960

Please note that these figures are based on certain assumptions and are for reference only. The actual savings will vary as per your card usage patterns.

*Click here for terms and conditions

WorldMiles Assurance

Total Protect

If your card’s safety is giving you sleepless nights, worry no more. We have the best program to protect your finances against fraudulent card use. The Total Protect Program is a first-of-its-kind initiative that covers you for the credit limit on your primary and add-on cards.

Total Protect covers you for:

  • Unauthorised transactions in case of loss/theft of card: We provide an insurance cover up to 48 hours prior to you reporting your card’s misplacement to the bank.
  • Counterfeit fraud: If your card details are stolen and used by producing counterfeit plastic, we provide insurance to protect your finances against such events.

*Click here for terms and conditions.

Air Accident Covert

Fly with complete peace of mind as you get a complimentary personal air accident insurance cover up to ₹25 lakh with your IndusInd Bank WorldMiles Credit Card. When you have your banking partner always ready to lend a helping hand, you have nothing to worry about!

*Click here for terms and conditions

WorldMiles Auto Assist

Our journeys make a permanent place in our hearts. They create beautiful memories to cherish and take us to new places to explore the world. However, sometimes, journeys come with their share of challenges. When you’re on the road, many things can go wrong and interrupt your pleasant experiences.

In order to help you stay safe and secure on the road and off it, we have some excellent assistance exclusively for you. With Auto Assist, you can call for help 24 hours, 365 days a year – for a flat tire, loss of keys, vehicle breakdown, or any other emergency you may face with your car on the road.

Roadside Repair Service

If your car breaks down due to any electrical or mechanical faults, our Auto Assist team will arrange for a mechanic to repair your car at the breakdown location.

Emergency Fuel Supply

In case you are stranded in the middle of the road due to low fuel, we can deliver up to five litres at your location to help you get to the nearest petrol pump.

Flat Tyre Services

In case you experience a flat tyre and can’t change it yourself, we will arrange for a mechanic to come and repair it for you at the earliest.

Lost Keys

If you misplace your keys or forget them inside the car, we can arrange for a locksmith to either open your car or make a new key instantly so that you don’t have to pause your journey for too long.

Battery Service

If your battery is dead and not functioning, we can get a service provider to repair or replace it at your car’s breakdown location.

Emergency Towing Assistance

If your car needs to be towed after an accident or a breakdown, just give us a call, and we’ll arrange for all the logistics so that your car is safely taken to the right repair shop.

Accident Management and Medical Assistance

In the unfortunate event of an accident or emergency, we will help you with coordinating all the important activities such as emergency medical assistance, towing, emergency message transmission, and more.
Our Auto Assist services are available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Kolkata

When IndusInd is with you on every journey, you can be safe and worry-free, wherever you go. If you’d like to avail any of our Auto Assist services, please call the Concierge Desk at 1860 267 7777

*Click here for terms and conditions of the applicable insurance policy.

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Worldmiles credit card rewards points

WorldMiles Rewards

Earn FlightMiles - every time, time after time

With your WorldMiles card, you can earn FlightMiles on every flight and airline across any sector in India. This offers unmatched freedom to travel without having to lose out on frequent flyer miles

The FlightMiles are based on the percentage of the full fare^ (base fare excluding surcharge and other taxes) that you pay when travelling between any two cities and the Ticketed-Point-Mileage* (TPM) between any two cities. The FlightMiles accumulated in the member account should follow the table below:

%Actual fare off the full fare %WorldMiles accrued off the total TPM
0-20 20
21-30 30
31-40 40
41-50 50
51-60 60
61-70 70
71-80 80
81-90 90
91-100 100

The full fare chart is dependent on the price changes and is refreshed every quarter on

Earning FlightMiles on International Flights

For globetrotters, we have created a WorldMiles Program that enables you to earn miles on international travel as well. We have divided the world into different zones – with major cities set as benchmarks in each zone for calculation of Ticketed-Point-Mileage (TPM).

Every flight has been assigned a specific number of WorldMiles that can be accumulated between cities, based on the full fare. The WorldMiles you earn will depend on the fare you pay – compared to the full fare between the cities in each zone.

For instance, the full fare and TPM between Mumbai (the major city in Zone 1) and London (the major city in Zone 3) are ₹85,000 and 4000 WorldMiles respectively.

If you take a flight from a city in Zone 1, e.g. Delhi to a city in Zone 3, e.g. Zurich, which costs ₹17,000 as bare fare, you earn 1/5th of the assigned TPM (4000 WorldMiles), which translates into 800 WorldMiles.

Full Fare between major cities: ₹85,000
TPM assigned: 4000 WorldMiles
Your Base Fare: ₹17,000
WorldMiles earned for this flight: 800 (17,000/85,000 x 4000)

Earn Miles – SpendMiles

Once you are a member of the WorldMiles program, you can earn SpendMiles every time you swipe your card, irrespective of the location. Along with earning FlightMiles when you fly, you will also earn SpendMiles on all transactions with your WorldMiles Credit Card.

For every Rs.100 you spend on your card, whether it is for shopping, dining, movies or more, you get rewarded with SpendMiles. All the SpendMiles collected in the month will get transferred to your WorldMiles account.

  • Earn 3 SpendMiles for every Rs.100 spent on your IndusInd Bank WorldMiles Signature Credit Card
  • Earn 2 SpendMiles for Rs.100 spent on your IndusInd Bank WorldMiles Platinum Credit Card

Earn Miles – PartnerMiles

Our WorldMiles Partner network brings you best-in-class service providers to earn rewards every time you choose to purchase from our partners. You earn FlightMiles and SpendMiles, for all purchases made with WorldMiles Partners. For every ₹100 you spend on hotel bookings on through your IndusInd Bank WorldMiles Credit Card, you earn 3 PartnerMiles.

Please note, effective 1st April 2018, fuel transactions will not accrue reward points on your IndusInd Bank Credit Card.

Please note:From 1st August 2019, the Rewards program will be revised for select merchant categories. Click here for details.

Redemption of Rewards

You can redeem all your WorldMiles on for free air-tickets on any airline in India, without taxes, hidden charges, or restrictions.

Our WorldMiles Program is truly liberating and rewarding for frequent travellers. You enjoy the freedom to reward yourself with domestic and international tickets and save a lot. You can book your tickets either in your name or in the name of any person you designate, now or in the future.

Unlike other miles-based reward programs, the WorldMiles Program enables you to redeem your WorldMiles on any airline across the world, free of cost. You don’t have to worry about any restrictions, hidden charges, or extra taxes.

You will trust our WorldMiles promise after using your card – If there is an air ticket available, you can rest assured that WorldMiles will get it for you!

After accumulating 10,000 WorldMiles and completing three activities on the WorldMiles Program, you are eligible to redeem them. It’s really that simple!

Just log on to your WorldMiles account on

If you’d like to calculate the number of WorldMiles you need to redeem for your reward tickets, log on to

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Worldmiles credit card offers

Visa Lounge Access Program

Offer details

It’s time to upgrade your travel experiences with your WorldMiles Signature Credit Card. Get complimentary access to premium airport lounges in India. Unwind with gourmet meals, relax amidst comfortable seating, finish up your important work with free Wi-Fi or choose to catch up on your favourite shows at the widescreen TVs. And for those who want to celebrate, you can always enjoy the bar services.
You can avail of two complimentary lounge visits per quarter on your primary card.

The current offer is valid till 30th September 2019.

Click here for the available facilities and the list of eligible lounges.

Click here for further details.

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Value Table

Worldmiles credit card privileges

Annual Estimation
Complimentary golf once a month (assuming ₹3500 green fees per 18-hole round) Rs.42000
Golf lessons and Hole-in-One insurance Rs.23,000
Movie tickets – twice a month Rs.4800
Savings on fuel surcharge Rs.2400
The annual value of SpendMiles on an average spend of ₹30,000 per month Rs.4050
Total Savings Rs.76250
*Please note the above figures are based on a hypothetical expense estimate. The actual savings will depend on your individual usage.

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