Fixed Deposit Interest Rate

A fixed deposit allows you to make a one-time investment in an account which you create for a stipulated period of time. This is a safe investment, with guaranteed returns, which attracts a fixed rate of interest till the date of maturity.

We at IndusInd Bank offer you the flexibility to choose when to collect the income accrued on your deposit. You could opt to collect the money on a quarterly or annual basis or decide to invest the earnings back into the deposit to maximize the compounding benefits you receive from your fixed deposit interest rates

IndusInd Bank offers amongst the highest interest rates on FD in the market. However, fixed deposit interest rates depend upon the amount deposited and the tenure for which the amount has been deposited.


While you could choose to lock-in your deposit amount for a period of up to 10 years, we also offer you a minimum deposit period of only 7 days. This helps you to earn through our lucrative FD interest rates while having the option of keeping your money handy at the same time. Furthermore, you also have the option of withdrawing your funds pre-maturely. Also, the customers can link the FD account with their savings account for easy sweep in – sweep out facility.


At IndusInd Bank interest on deposits is payable either compounded quarterly or quarterly. For deposits of tenure below 6 months, the interest is calculated at maturity as Simple Interest. Furthermore, income of more than INR 10,000 earned through interest on FD is tax deductible. In the absence of PAN card, TDS will be deducted at 20%.

With different rates offered according to the amount and tenure of deposits, we offer the most lucrative FD interest rates in the market across slabs while providing a special rate, of an extra 0.50% p.a, for senior citizens.


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