Personal Loan for Home Renovation

We understand that in today’s time a home redecoration project can be quite costly. Therefore, IndusInd Bank presents a personal loan for home renovation to offer you financial assistance. With this loan you can complete your home remodelling project as per your wishes.

Our interest rates on personal loan for home renovation are extremely reasonable and the application process is easy and hassle-free. We also offer flexible repayment tenures so you can pay back as per your convenience without getting anxious. Upgrade your house today with a personal loan for home improvement from IndusInd Bank and style your home the way you always wanted.

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Four Renovation Ideas That Can Enhance the Value of Your Home

Looking to a few extra bucks while selling your house? A few home improvement projects can add better value to your home. The trick is to find the right set of improvement ideas that are simple and can fetch the highest returns on the investment made. The list below explains the four most profitable home renovation plans. 

Give Your Kitchen a Smarter Persona

A research  revealed that it is possible to regain up to 60-120% of your investment on your kitchen with a given that you not go overboard on the remodelling. A kitchen that looks fresh and is highly functional appeals to most home owners. Your kitchen remodelling ideas do not have to be extravagant. Instead try simple techniques like painting the walls with bright colours and replacing the older appliances with smart, new ones to attract potential home buyers.

Add an Extra Bathroom

An additional bathroom in the home goes a long way in enhancing the comfort factor. Any under-utilized space, like an extra room or the area below a staircase, can be used to add a new bathroom. A full-fledged bathroom with a bath tub may demand anywhere between 35-40 square feet space, therefore, decide according to the space you have at hand. Another important advantage of adding a new bathroom is that the budget involved can be tweaked based on the affordability of the house owner. The owner can play around with the choice of accessories and floor models to draw the desire budget.

Reinvent a Pre-Existing Space

While adding a new room by increasing the overall square footage of a home can be an outrageously expensive project, smarter home owners reinvent rooms from the already existing, but less utilized, spaces. Remodel an attic room or a game room with some creative ideas and you can easily charm a fair number of potential buyers.

Introduce Ventilation

Homes with insufficient ventilation have a dungeon-like feeling and are a big turn off, especially in the hotter areas of the country. Add one or two extra windows to your living room and to all bedrooms to offer plenty of ventilation to the new owners. In case you change your mind about selling off the home, you still stand to benefit from an airier room with sufficient natural light.

Put your personal loan for home renovation to the best use with one or more of these profitable renovation ideas.


1. Attractive Personal Loans for Home Decor and Repairs
My plans for making the desired changes for my home interiors looked bleak. But after I applied for my personal loan for home renovation at IndusInd Bank all my financial worries vanished. Speedy loan approval, within-budget interest rates and easy repayment options added to the pleasure of renovation.
Reviewer: Niketan Verma, Kanpur



2. Special Loan Services for Privilege Customers
IndusInd Bank’s affordable personal loan for home improvement allowed me the to add both colour and class into my house. Already being an IndusInd customer I got exclusive loan services including analysis of my financial statements for reaching at the best applicable loan amount and processing of my loan application done on priority.
Reviewer: Vanraj Sinha, Hyderabad



3. Great Customer Service for Personal Loans for Home Redecoration
The processing policies for personal loan for house renovation at IndusInd Bank were very customer friendly. The verification was done within couple of days after I submitted the documents. The nominal charges and 2.5% processing fee payable were deducted from the disbursed loan amount itself. After that there were no unnecessary follow-ups or hassles. 
Reviewer: Jamval Raut, Lucknow



4. Best Treatment of Customers for Personal Loans
Rating: 5/5
Banking with IndusInd Bank and having a clean CIBIL credit record helped me get exclusive home renovation loan interest rates on my personal loan. I also got my application appraised with the least amount of documentation along with additional assistance from the bank staff for better loan management.
Reviewer: Rajat Thakur, Mumbai



5. Security-Free Personal Loans with Easy Repayment Tenure Options
IndusInd Bank’s personal loans for home improvement are free from any collateral requirements. My loan requirement was approximately 4.5 lacs and I chose the EMI repayment option for up to 5 years. The monthly reducing interest rate allowed me to save up to Rs. 10,000 on full servicing of the loan.
Reviewer: Vinay Matre, Mumbai