Personal Loan for Medical Expenses

Medical emergencies are unpleasant but life is unpredictable. In your time of need, IndusInd Bank provides you with a personal loan for medical expenses that will help you deal with the unexpected blow. The loan covers doctor’s fees, medicine bills, hospital stay, procedure and surgery, and other charges. The purpose of each loan is carefully studied before arriving on the type and process prior to approval.

We offer a hassle-free application process, flexible repayment tenures with feasible personal loan interest rates and processing fees, so that you don’t have worry about piling expenses and repaying the loan amount while dealing with a medical emergency.

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The Top Benefits of Availing a Personal Loan for Medical Expenses

Escalating healthcare costs are one of the prime concerns in today’s environment. The deteriorating lifestyle and uncertainty in life often push people to critical circumstances where money hinders access to appropriate medical assistance. Fortunately, there are loans available to assist you at the right time. Personal loans for medical expenses can be availed for all emergencies that are not generally not covered by medical insurance policies. Personal loans are also considered quick and easy to secure as they do not involve time-consuming paperwork during an emergency situation.
Read on to find out what are the other advantages of obtaining a personal loan.

No Collateral
Loans can be categorized into two types –  secured loans and unsecured loans. A personal loan is classified as an unsecured loan as it requires no collaterals or guarantors. Individuals with a good credit history can avail an unsecured personal loan for their medical expenses without having to offer any assets as collateral. Such flexibility in availing a loan during an emergency situation is a strong reason to opt for personal loans.

Easy and Simple Application Procedure
The hassle-free application procedure for a personal loan from IndusInd Bank involves a simple online application process and does not require the individual to visit the branch office in person. Customers must furnish their personal details required for the application. The Bank does necessary checks, including bureau checks and some basic verifications in order to facilitate the approval. Loan Disbursement of a completed application takes between 4-7 working days.

Easy Repayment of Loan
The loan repayment tenure can be chosen by the person availing the loan. Choosing the desired tenure is an important decision that is placed in the hands of the customer based on his/her repayment ability.

Covers a Wide Range of Treatments
There are no restrictions on the kind of treatments or therapies that can be availed using a personal loan for medical expenses. While in some cases, the loan amount can be used to cover the entire treatment procedure, it can also be used to fund the initial payment for more expensive treatments.

The dire need for medical attention may pop up at any time and personal loans are the quickest, easiest and the best way to safeguard our near and dear ones.


1. Speedy and Affordable Loans During Emergencies
Medical emergencies can strike anyone without warning; I learned this the hard way. Thanks to IndusInd Bank’s quick personal loans for medical situations, I was able to take care of all the expenses within time. IndusInd Bank gave me customer friendly loans with affordable interest rates and transparent costing.
Reviewer: Amit Jaiswal, Delhi



2. Best Personal Loans for Medical Expenses from IndusInd Bank
IndusInd Bank’s personal loans in India for medical expenses are the best. I needed to undergo an emergency surgery and the bank promptly arranged for the loan amount considering the situation. With minimal documentation and quick verification, I was able to pay my bills on time and get an early discharge.
Reviewer: Ranjit Baveja, Ludhiana



3. Personal Loans for Receiving Better Medical Treatments
IndusInd Bank provides excellent personal loan for medical financing for accessing better health treatments. The eligibility criteria and the total time taken to acquire the loan amount were very reasonable. Also, as a self-employed professional I was allowed to prepay the entire loan amount immediately after 6 EMIs.
Reviewer: Jyoti Rajput, Rajasthan



4. A Personal Loan for Medical Expenses That Considers the Rising Rates
IndusInd Bank gave me lower personal loan interest rates which helped a great deal in facing the ever-rising costs of medical treatments. For a loan of about 18 Lacs, I received an interest rate of almost 13.75% and that too on a monthly reducing basis. Also, repayment was conveniently spread over 5 years.   
Reviewer: Kanishk Pandya



5. Value Added Loan Services with Special Privileges
InudsInd Bank’s customer oriented, inexpensive personal loan services were a life saver for my son’s medical treatments. IndusInd provided me a fair loan on terms and conditions matching my credit record. Their minimum documentation policy and priority processing for existing bank customers such as me added to the value of the services.
Reviewer: Rishikesh Iyer, Coimbatore