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A perfect wedding requires a generous budget. Venue, food, drinks, invitations and clothes are just a few of the many wedding costs involved. IndusInd Bank’s personal loan for marriage will ensure that you get to enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime, special day to the fullest.

Our personal loan for weddings is tailor-made according to the individual applicant’s needs and desires. Whether you want an extravagant traditional ceremony or a modern and exotic destination nuptial, we have loan packages with affordable interest rates for all. Our executives design your budget so that you can have a stress-free celebration without worrying about running out of money in the middle of wedding preparations.

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Five Easy Steps That Can Help in Planning Your Wedding

Planning a grand wedding can be a lot of fun, yet overwhelming too. The planning phase is like one big dream that is filled with wonderful memories, abundant love, simple joys and new hopes for a fresh beginning.  If you are all set to marry the love of your life and are shouldering the responsibility of putting everything together for the big day, this is what you should do:

Share Your Joy With Your Near and Dear Ones

Once you have secured the nod from your parents, it is time to share the good news with the world. From social media to surprise texts, use every possible way to let your dear ones know about your wedding plans. The official announcement of the wedding is important as it sets the wedding mood and help starts to pour in from friends and relatives.

Discuss and Write Down Ideas With Your Fiancé

Keeping the budget aside, take time to discuss your D-day dreams and plans with your fiancé and ask for their opinion too. Together, as a couple, make important decisions about the wedding and draw a list of all the important ideas that you have discussed.

Draw a Practical Timeline

You now have the date of the big day and the complete list of wedding day goals. Next comes the most difficult part of the planning phase – charting out a timetable with the list of activities to be completed. Be realistic while setting deadlines and do not hesitate to take help from your families and friends whenever required. Be certain to account in all travel times involved during the planning phase and take care to ensure that your timeline is not too exhaustive. With a timeline in place, you will have a clear idea about when to start preparations and how to proceed further.

Have the Money Talk in the Subtlest Manner

Before you set out to work on the plan that you have just drawn, ensure that the money required is in place. Discuss with your fiancé about how the bills will be shared and consider a personal loan for a wedding as an option for a stress-free planning phase.

Get Organized With Your Expenses

Through every stage of the preparation, ensure that all expenses are noted down. This helps in allocating the available resources towards the right streams and remains as a reference whenever required.


1. Helped Me Have My Dream Wedding
I had always dreamt of a big wedding. But due to a shortage of funds, it did not seem plausible. My friend suggested IndusInd Bank's personal loans for my wedding and I'm glad I went for it. The process is easy and the service is personalized according to your needs. I finally had a wedding just as I'd imagined!
Reviewer: Deeksha Gupta, Mumbai, January 06, 2018



2. Made My Day Special
All our funds put aside for the wedding, went into the ceremony and the party. I wanted to gift my husband a car as a wedding gift and IndusInd Bank's personal loans for wedding supported me. My husband was so happy seeing his new car. All thanks to IndusInd Bank's help in making my wishes come true!
Reviewer: Tanya singh, Pune, January 04, 2018



3. Great Idea!
My newly-wedded wife is a great cook and I wanted to gift her a modern modular kitchen in our new home. It was a little out of my budget but IndusInd Bank's personal loan filled in the gaps. With IndusInd Bank, we started our new life with a beautiful home!
Reviewer: Mrinal Singh, Chandigarh, January 02, 2018



4. Worry-free Wedding for My Sister
Due to losing our parents at an early age, the responsibility of my sister's wedding fell upon me. I was worried about the finances but IndusInd Bank's personal loans for wedding took away all my worries. My sister had a great wedding and I enjoyed every bit of it without any stress. Wonderful work by IndusInd Bank!
Reviewer: Aditya Sahay, Bangalore, December 28, 2017



5. Great Help in Destination Wedding
I wanted to gift my son a beautiful destination wedding. Gathering the funds were a little difficult since I am a single mother. But I was backed by IndusInd Bank's personal loans for weddings and this helped me gift him a delightful destination wedding. Loved the experience with IndusInd Bank!
Reviewer: T. K. Ghera, Gurgaon, December 24, 2017



6. Perfect loan product! For that milestone of life.
I was to get married in the city; considering the expenses, I needed a personal loan for marriage. IndusInd Bank’s personal loan for marriage made my marriage costs easier to bear without any collateral. Also, their rational rate of interest and loan tenure made the repayment process very smooth.  
Reviewer: Vijay Krishnamurthy, Madurai



7. Amazing Personal Loan for Weddings from IndusInd Bank
Being a privilege customer I took the IndusInd Bank’s personal loan for wedding to help me with the funds. Amidst of all the wedding planning, I left it on the bank to assess my account and provide me with the best applicable loan amount, rates and charges. And as always they came through.
Reviewer: Kiran Reddy, Bangalore



8. Great Personal Loan Services and Adherence to Timelines.
What I like about IndusInd Bank is their criteria for personal loan for marriage eligibility. The process was pretty straight forward. I checked the personal loan criteria on the website and got the documentation in order. After verification, I was assured a timeline for approval and disbursement, which fell through nicely.
Reviewer: Jyotika Raidu, Kolkata



9. Transparency in Loan Services at Affordable Costs
I chose IndusInd Bank’s personal loan for marriage for my son’s special day. I requested the bank for my CIBIL credit report. This made it easier to estimate my costs including the personal loan interest rate, processing fees and other charges. The loan was received in time for a grand occasion.
Reviewer: Brijesh Bhatt, Ahmedabad



10. Brilliant Personal Occasion Loans from IndusInd
Splurging on my only daughter’s wedding was the foremost reason for most of my savings. But I also wanted to secure her future. Therefore, I opted for IndusInd Bank’s personal loan for a wedding. With the manageable interest rates and costs, I barely put a dent in my savings.
Reviewer: Mukesh Tiwari, Lucknow